Introduction: Homework Timer Made by Arduino

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Is your child writing his/her homework for hours? Is your child easily distracted by others when he/she does their homework? Today, I tried to do the best solution to this conflict: a timer made by Arduino. Why do I try to make this timer instead of other projects? Since I am also a child who couldn't work fast on anything, and I am really easy to be distracted by every toy near me, especially my laptop and my smartphone. If I use these 3C products to time myself, I would definitely not going to finish all my work until midnight. That's why I try to create a project that makes children like me can finish their work fast and quick!


You will need Arduino Leonardo and your laptop!

Step 1: Start to Create Your Board!

The first step is to build your circuit board into shape just like the one on the previous page. The left LED light is a red color light, and the right one is a green color light. The speaker connected to D3, the green LED to D9, and the red LED to D12.

Step 2: Start to Code Your Timer!

Set up 3 variable numbers: greenishlight, reddishlight, and timer. In the beginning, they remain at 0. You can look at my code by yourself. For being fast, my timer only rings for 100 seconds. You can change your timer into anytime you want!

Step 3: Code Your Timer!-2

Next, we are going to code our "greenishlight" and "reddishlight"!

Step 4: Add a Cover to Your Board!

Cover your board with a box or other object: but remember to remain the LEDs and the speaker outside!

Step 5: We Are Finish!

Try to use it on yourself or on your child! You will not be distracted and you can write your work as fast and you can, as fast as you want!

Done by Michelle Hu 1002 S09032