Introduction: Simple Homopolar Motor


Have you ever wanted to build your very own Homopolar Motor? No? Well I'm gonna show you anyway! It's easy, quick, and impresses your friends, definitely worth your time!

Step 1: Aquiring Materials

The first thing you're going to need is 3 basic materials
  • A 1.5 volt battery
  • A copper wire , easy to bend
  • 2 ring shaped magnets

A few optional materials you may want

  • Pliers, helpful if you have a sturdy wire
  • For topper decoration (optional) in step 5-
    • Pieces of paper, small (a picture of your face or something)
    • Tape

Step 2: Assemble Battery and Magnets

The second thing you're going to do is put together your magnets and battery, this part is very simple, easy to do.

  1. Put the magnets on top of one another so they attract
  2. Place the battery upright on top of them
  3. Make sure the magnets attract the battery so they stick together

Step 3: Bend Your Wire

Depending on what kind of copper wire you have, this step may require pliers, make sure the shape you bend it to won't come apart easily.

  1. Put a dent in the middle of the wire
  2. Fold it in half
  3. Ben the two sides into a heart shape
  4. Instead of tapering at the bottom, make the wire tips curve in a loop towards each other
  5. Leave a space between the tips the width of your magnets.

Step 4: Put It All Together

Now that you have your battery and magnets assembled and your wire bent, it's time for assembly!

  1. Balance the inverted center of your heart shaped wire on top of the battery
  2. Make sure it stays in place
  3. Position the two ends on opposite side of the top magnet, you may have to adjust for height
  4. Now, if your motor doesn't run, you can experiment with putting the magnets on different ends of the battery
    • You can also flip the battery if the motor doesn't run as fast as you want

Step 5: Topper Decoration

As you can see in the picture, my friend and I, after assembling our motor, wanted to add some decoration, you can do this too!

  1. Print out 2 pictures of yourself or a friend, as small as you can
  2. Tape the pictures to each other so the faces are on the outside
    • If you want a cube or triangular prism shaped topper, print out 3 or 4 pictures and tape in your preferred formation
  3. Tape the attached pictures to the top of the wire
  4. Now watch as your face(s) spin around on your Homopolar motor!