Introduction: Homopolar Motor

This is what the final product will look like.

Step 1: Homopolar Motor

To make the homopolar motor you will need:

1. Box cutter knife (bottom left)

2. 2 non plastic coated/ conductive magnets (left middle)

3. Any size battery (top left)

4. solid core copper wire (right side)

Step 2: Stripping Wire

Here are the steps to strip your wire:

1. Take a piece of solid core wire

2. Take an box cutter knife and run it across the wire at a parallel angle to the wire, this will cut a side of the plastic part off.

3. Take the non- insulated side if the wire and peel it off, you now should have a piece of bare copper wire

Step 3: the Battery

This is how to create the other part of the homopolar motor:

1: Attach the magnets to the NEGATIVE side of the battery

2: Adjust the magnets so they are in the center of the negative side of the battery

Step 4: Assembly

To finish creating the homopolar motor you will have to bend the wire in a way where there is the same amount of wire on both sides of battery so its balanced. You also have to have to have the wire bent in a way where the wire is touching top of the battery and the magnet at the bottom without touching anything else. Lastly, The wire ends should not be connected. Once you have all of this done you motor will run like this.