Introduction: Honda CB 1000 R , Change Dash Color

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Things you are going to need :
1.Alen key no.5


3. 3528 smd leds ( whatever color you want to change the dash)

(you can buy a led strip with 3528 smd Leds on it and desolder the).

4.Soldering Iron or Hot Air Station for SMD, Desoldering pump or Gun and good Soldering skills

5. 1 piece of 30*20CM Horizontal 0 degree linear polarizer film,linear polarized filter,polarized film sheet with adhesive

6.Power supply 12 V DC with jumper Female wires


8. Hobby knife

For any questions or problems , feel free to email me

Step 1: 3528 SMD LEDS , Buy Any Color You Like !

Step 2: These Female Jumper Wires for the Power Supply 12V DC

Step 3: Remove the Allen Bolts

Step 4:

Step 5: Lift Up the Whole Light and Pop It Out of the Chassis

Step 6: Remove This Screw That Holds the Cables

Step 7: Remove the Circled Bolts With 10mm Tool

Step 8: Remove Very Carefully the Plastic Screws and Remove the Plastic Cover

Be careful not to brake them . Try with a flat screwdriver or try to unplug them from the inside.
I broke mine so i replaced them .

Step 9:

Step 10: Pop Out the PCB Panel From the Plastic Cover

Step 11: Carefull Not to Loose These

Step 12: Remove the Black Plastic

Step 13: Remove the the Indication Lights Panel

Step 14: Twist These So the Metal Cover Can Be Removed

Step 15: Remove the Glass Screen and the Blue Paper You Will Find

Step 16: Dont Worry If the Soft Plastic Next to Screen Detaches From the Screen

Step 17: Desolder All the Joints That Hold the LCD Screens to the Pcb

Step 18:

Step 19: Desolder All the White Leds That Are on Board and Solder With the Correct Polarity You Own 3528 SMD Leds

Step 20: With a Hobbie Knife Remove the Glued Polarized Film That Is on Screen

Step 21: Do This for the Other Two Small Screens of the Dashboard. No Image Is Included

Step 22: Grab Some Alcohol to Remove the Remaining Glue on the Glass Screen

Step 23: Pour Some Alcohol on the Screen and With the Hobby Knife Try to Remove the Glue

Do this for all the three screens

Step 24: Clean Up the Glass With Alcohol So Its Perfectly Clean

Step 25: Watch Carefully the Video and Understand How Polarization Works

Step 26: Rotate the Sheet Until You See Black on the Glass Screen .

Try both ways of the sheet

Cut the necessary shape for the three screens

Step 27: Remove the Protection Layer of the Film and Apply It From the Center Towards the Ends

Apply the adhesive side of the polarized sheet gently , like a glass cover for a screen in a smartphone.
Carefull not to leave any air bubbles !

Do it for all the three screens

After remove the upper layer of the sheet and you will see a crystal clear black screen!!

Step 28: Cut the Shape of Each Screen on a Regular Piece of Paper

It will be used to diffuse the light from the leds.

Step 29: Put the Piece of Paper Under the Screens , Where You Find the Blue Pieces of Paper From the Factory

Step 30: Connect the Jumper Wires According to the Picture

Orange is +12V
Grey is Ground

Connect the power and make sure all the LEDS light up !

Step 31: After Making Sure All the Leds Light Up , Then Solder Back the Two LCD Screens on the PCB

Step 32: Make Sure Everything Is OK , Dont Forget to Put the White Pieces of Paper Under Each LCD Screen

Step 33: Put the Main Screen Back With That Little Soft Plastic Piece in His Spot and Push Gently Untill the RPM Meter Show Up

Step 34: Put Back the Metal Cover and Make Sure It Snaps Correctly

Step 35: Twist Back Those Little Legs So It Can Firmly Snap

Step 36: Put Back the Black Plastic Cover

Step 37: Put the Little White Plastic Sticks in Their Place

Step 38: It Should Look Like That

Step 39: Put the Main Plastic Cover Over the Dash

Step 40: Now Its Time to Put the Screws Back

Check the picture where the screws on the PCB goes.

Step 41: Now Put the Remaining Screws on the Bottom Cover and You Are READY!

Step 42:

Step 43: