Honda CB450DX-K Custom Dashboard - Made From a Cotton Bud Jar.

Introduction: Honda CB450DX-K Custom Dashboard - Made From a Cotton Bud Jar.

I'm customising a 1989 Honda CB450DX-K. When it came to the speedo and rev counter, I couldn't find a suitable dashboard, so I made one out a stainless steel cotton bud jar.

Step 1: Stainless Steel Cotton Bud Jar.

Literally swiped it from the bathroom (nothing is sacred or safe at such times). The qualities and measurements were perfect. Pictured with the LEDs;- oil pressure (red), high beam (blue), neutral (green) and two orange for indicators.

Step 2: Cutting Down to Size.

Just a trim to bring it level with the speedo and tacho.

Step 3: Shaping.

Enter the generic rotary tool. Carefully does it - there is one more of these in the house but I can't find a source for the exact same thing to fall back on. I drilled a 2mm hole in the edge of the cap, to take a self-tapping screw, into the main body. Buffed and polished.

Step 4: Fit LEDs Into Cap.

Fitted the (waterproof) lights.

Step 5: Happy With That.


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    3 years ago on Step 5

    Genius re use !
    Looks great !

    Tony Rimmer
    Tony Rimmer

    Reply 3 years ago