Introduction: Honda Civic Speedometer Light Upgrade

About: tinkerer

1 m RGB LED strip non waterprooph its easier to bend
LED strip remote control (optional)
Nail polish remover
30/40 pcs Qtips
Screw driver

Step 1: Disassembly

To remove the cover there are to screws on the top after that 4 that hold the speedometer 2 top 2 bottom

Step 2: Its All Clips

After you get the clear plastic and the bezel you can unscrew from the back the gauges

Step 3: Nail Clean

It looks like this
Should look like this

Step 4: Dont Miss It

You dont have to be very precise just make sure you didn't forget any line or number by holding it against the light
The numbers and lines should let the light thru without changing the color

Step 5: LED

Trial and error
Arrange the LED strip as u wish just make sure its gona light all the number properly
If you choose RGB it might glow some numbers more or less or even show one color more than the other.

v2.0 addreseble LED strip :)