Introduction: Honda Elite Clock Battery Replacement

I have owned an Elite 250 and just bought a 150 Deluxe.

One of the first things that always needs to be fixed is the clock in the dash.

It is strange but I find having a dash clock is a very convenient element of riding a modern scooter.

However since on the Elite it is powered by a separate watch battery by the time I got hold of the scooter it was invariably dead.

There are some great websites out there but I hope that seeing me do the process will make this a little clearer.

Step 1: Remove the Grill

First you need to remove the grill to the left of the dash.

It is held in with two springs to the left and one on the right.

Using a screwdriver to push in the right side spring and GENTLY pry up the grill is your best bet.

It is important to be gentle because we are dealing with vintage plastic that can be kind of hard to replace.

Step 2:

This will reveal a plastic tan cover with two tiny Phillips screws in it.

It is important to be extremely careful in removing these as they are surrounded by openings where they could easily be lost.

Once these screws are safe you can gently pry the tan plastic holder out.

Step 3:

This will reveal the battery.

There is probably some corrosion on the pickups.
Some electrical cleaner and very fine sandpaper will help bring these back to their former glory.

If you are like me, now you need to run to the store and pick up the watch battery.

I think They are used in hearing aids so they are readily available.

There are several batteries that will work , LR44H, SR44, or 357 silver oxide are all basically the same battery.

Step 4:

The battery holder is uncharacteristically poorly designed.

So using a little cardboard or tape to make sure your battery stays in contact with the pick ups is advisable.

Once it is sung in the holder ease the assembly back into it’s place and you should see the clock spring back to life (even with the bike off).

Carefully screw the holder back in place making sure not to drop those pesky little screws.

Then all that is left is replacing the grill and you are good to go.

Step 5:

Setting the time is easy you just hold down the adjust button with the element you want to change.

Now you know what time it is while you ride!

There is a lot of great information on the Yahoo! users group for the CH250,, and

Hope you enjoyed this!