Introduction: Honey Coconut Treat

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This is a simple recipe for making your own dried coconut treats. I used a food dehydrator but you can use an oven on low with the door cracked open.

Step 1: Buy a Coconut and Cut It Open.

The right coconut is the brown kind. This will have nice thick white flesh in it. After you open it just cut out the pieces of flesh and use a potato peeler to make thin slices. A cheese slicer also works. Or a knife. Or... Well just find something sharp.

Step 2: Flavor Your Coconut

Ok so I tried three different flavors. For the first I mixed honey and some vanilla with the coconut and called it good. For the second I just finely grated the coconut and will use it in chocolate when it is dried. Lastly I made a jerky flavored coconut with soy sauce and spices. Here you can add whatever savory spices or sauces you want and the coconut with absorb that flavor.

Step 3: Dry Your Coconut

Okay now just spread each coconut mixture on a dehydrator sheet or a baking sheet for the oven. Dry them until just barely crispy but not discolored.

Step 4: Enjoy

Now for the easiest part. Enjoy your coconut treats. I mixed the plain coconut with chocolate and that was delicious. The honey vanilla coconut was absolutely Devine, and the spiced savory coconut was almost like a vegetarian jerky.

Play around with the flavors and see what you like.

Thanks for reading and comment below on other flavor ideas you have.