Introduction: Honey-Infused-Speed-Cider

Hello together,

her I´ve a small instructable about a very young honey/applewine. Start on wednesday and enjoy on weekend. A very delicios, refreshing, sweet, honeyflavored sparkling drink. I do not have make a measure from the grade of alcohol is inside. I thing it must be near on the grade of beer --> 3 l and I begun to feel me happy :-)

You need this:

3 l of unfiltered apple juice

1 small spoon of wine yeast

1/2 Kg of honey

A bottle for fermenting

A plug useble for fermenting

Small tip: You do not must flavor it with honey. For example, some syrup form hollander blossom are very well!

Much fun at make Your own Speedciders.


Step 1: The Start

Bring it on:

  • Fill one liter of Your juice in the bottle, it is important that You use unfiltered juice, because the cloudening material helps the yeast at the fermentation
  • Rehydrate Your yeast like the instruction
  • Bring it together
  • Close ist with fermentationplug

Step 2: After Day One

The yeast have start with theire work. You can see the bubbles on the top. It fermented the sugar from the juice to carbonic acid and alcohol-->yummy

  • Bring the next juice to the yeast, because Your small friends are very hungry

Step 3: Infusion Time

After two additional days the fermentation is coming to an end. The sugar are already converted to alcohol an gas. This is the time to flavor your cider.

  • Infuse the bottle with the honey.
  • Wait one addional day, the yeast start again with the fermentation. In this time the sugar from the honey.

Step 4: Fill It to a Usable Pot

You can use bottles ore small barrels. Important that You do not close it complitly all the time, because the yeast is allready living and still at work. You do not will have to much pressure on your bottles. When you think it is to sour you can sweeten it with some additional honey.

  • Be carefull at filling, when You are to brutally You will cast the carbonic acid out.
  • After cooling down your drink it is ready to consume

It possible to make some more generations of this drink. When do You have a rest can give it some new juice to start the process with a new cicle at step two.

Step 5: Enjoy

I love my speed-ciders on hot days and warm evening on the summer.

Have fun!

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    Although it might be too much of a bother, using bentonite as a clearing agent is useful. Although I can't drink alcohol anymore, I've made a lot of beer and a little wine - this information comes from the latter. So, here's a reference to look at (no connection to seller, recommendation for using is only if your product just _won't_ clear):


    Please read their page carefully!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Much thanks and nice tip. To make a rootbeer is now on my personal agenda. I`m sure that I find a structable :-)

    The clearing process, when I make an applewine or cider with enough time, has shown that industrial applejuice do not will getting clear in monthes. When I make it with self made juice You will have clearing finish.


    8 years ago on Step 5

    Sounds tasty. When I make root beer pop we do something similar. First we mix the sugar, flavour, water, yeast and bottle it 10 min later in beer bottles and seal it. Then we let it sit for a week at room temp to ferment and make bubbles. ( less than 2% Alc./ Vol. so the kids can have it). For the next week it is kept cool (fridge is best) to stop fermentation and clear. Using this method you could have a nice fizzy cider with only a little more time.