Introduction: Honey Lemon Cosplay CellPhone Case

no Honey Lemon cosplay is complete without her cellphone case! I whipped this up for my friend for our Big Hero 6 Gogo and Honey costumes at Anime Milwaukee last weekend :)

What you'll need:
- 1 sheet of thick craft foam
- clear or old cellphone case that fits your phone
- mod podge
- Xacto knife
- Ballpoint pen
- hot glue
- paint
- Sculpey (polymer clay)
- 2 eye-pins (they are long and have a loop at the end)
- super glue
- one metal loop (to connect the tail to the case)

Step 1: Make Your Pattern

I started by blowing up a picture I found online of her phone case and then blew it up!

After that, I traced all of the holes (for the camera and speaker) onto the pattern.

Step 2: Cut Your Foam

using thick craft foam, cut out two pieces of the fox-shape

in one of the pieces, cut out space for the cellphone cover. (this will become the side pieces)

using a ball-point pen, carve in the details. (you can also use an xacto knife to carve out under the head so it looks like two pieces!)

Step 3: Glue Together

Glue your pieces together and to the phone case using hot glue.

You can also use hot glue to fill in places on the side where the foam might not fit together right.

Stick in your first eye-pin in the corner of the case. (for the tail). Use super-glue to hold it in place!

Step 4: Make Your Tail

SO I totally forgot to snag progress pictures of the tail but here's how I did it!

Use Sculpey (Polymer clay) and shape out the tail.

Stick the second eye-pin into the tail, and bake!

After it cools, take the pin out-- slick it up with super glue-- and put it back in.

Use a metal ring to connect the tail to your phone case

Step 5: Prep for Paint

Prepare your phone case for paint by using coats of woodglue or modpodge! (I did a couple layers).

Step 6: Paint

After the modpodge dries, its time to paint!

I coated the phone case in crystal clear enamel for added protection.


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Please visit my page for more photos and tutorials! THANK YOU!

Here is the page for my Honey Lemon!