Introduction: Honey Roasted Nuts

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Besides being a delicious snake, here are the nutritional benefits you will get from this recipe. 

Nuts are high in protein, fiber, antioxidants and mono-saturated fat. The kind of fat that protects us from chronic heart disease. Some studies have been done in respects to nuts and diabetes and have shown consuming one ounce of nuts daily reduce the risk of developing diabetes. To receive the value of the protein in Almonds you need to eat one ounce (about 24 nuts) to get 6 grams as well as the benefits of vitamin E and the trace mineral magnesium. For Cashews it is also one ounce (about 18 nuts) to receive 4 grams of protein along with these trace minerals: selenium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. Our other nut in this recipe is the pecan. Twenty halves of pecans will give you 3 grams of protein along with vitamin B1 for energy and the trace mineral zinc.

Now let's get to roasting!!

Step 1:

Here is what you will need:

Step 2:

In a medium bowl pour in three cups of mixed nuts, almonds, cashews and pecans. Pour 1/4 cup of honey over the nuts. Cut up 3 tablespoons of butter into small chunks and disperse over nuts. Add 3 teaspoons of orange zest and sprinkle in the 1/2 teaspoon mixed cinnamon and nutmeg.

To make it a better choice snake for the health of your heart replace the butter with 3 tablespoons of coconut butter. 

Next place bowl into microwave for 4 to 7 minutes. The time will depend on your microwave. I was able to roast the nuts in 4 minutes. Half way through the roasting stir the mixture up. Place back into the microwave and continue to roast. While you are waiting place a sheet of parchment paper onto a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan.

Step 3:

When nuts have finished roasting, remove the bowl and pour nuts out over parchment paper. Allow the nuts to cool for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Next, with clean hands break up cooled roasted nuts and place into a large bowl.

After you have broken apart the roasted nuts add about 1/4 cup or less of sugar. The amount of sugar is to your liking. Mix up the nuts to coat them with the sugar. The amount of dried cranberries and shredded coconut is also to your liking. I added two handfuls of cranberries and two handfuls of coconut. Now mix in these additions until well incorporated.

If you like you can make the sugar optional, by not adding it.

Step 4:

Take your Honey Roasted Nuts and place them into a jar or container with a tight fitted lid. Like what is shown here in the photo.

Step 5:

Consume the roasted nuts them in 7 to 8 days.Enjoy your Honey Roasted Nuts, it will be one of the better snacks you will like grabbing for when you are hungry.

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