Introduction: HoodPHONES - Waterproof

It is starting to get to be sweater weather out there... well for me at lease. So, I thought I should mod my old hoodie with some Headphones. I have been using them for a few week now and love it!!! If anything they are great just as ear muffs! It is simple to do, and so far, working out greater then I expected.

It took me about four hours from start to finish.

What you need:
sweater that has a double lining (head phones go in between the linings)
over ear head phones
needle and thread (you might want to read this great instuctable,
saran wrap or a sandwich bag
electrical tape
8-10 safety pins
two normal sized rubber bands
sharp blade

Here is how I did it
First, take apart some  over-ear head phones... I'm not going to walk you though this because it wont be the same for everybody but remember you need to leave some plastic around the front of the speakers.

Step 1: Waterproofing Headphones

Please note eventhough my headphones are water proof and weashable yours may not.
Once you got the speakers out of the housing, use ether saran wrap or a sandwich bag and cover the speaker. Take the paper clip and wrap it around the plastic tightly, snip off any excess paper clip.

Tear off some excess or the bag or saran wrap so there is a few inches of the bag or saran wrap coming out from the other side of the paper clip.

Twist the loose bag or saran wrap tightly around the wire and then carefully light the bag or saran wrap with a lighter to melt the bag or saran wrap around the wire. BE CAERFUL! the melted the bag or saran wrap IS hot and if touched it can stick to you and BURN!!! Also, Don't hold the flame to long you do want to melt the headphone wire!

When it has cooled, take some electrical tape and starting on the headphone wires wrap the tape around the wire until you reach the base of the speaker.

Step 2: Adding Ear Cushions and Opening Up the Hood.

Now that we are done with the speakers, put on your hoodie. Get the ear cushions and put them over your ears so they are comfortable and safety pin them on to your hoodie. You might want to stand up and walk around and see if everything is feels good. If it does then cut a slit in the back of your hood so you can flip the hood inside out.

When you try to flip the hood inside out the safety pins will restrict you from flipping the hood fully inside out. You will need to put in anther safety pin just through the inside layer of fabric (for me it is the furry layer) and remove one safety pin the is passing throug both layers. Add and remove all for safety pins so they only pass through the inside fabric and though the headphone cushion so you can flip the hood inside out.

Step 3: Sewing Ear "cushions" and Speakers

Now is the sewing part! If you dont konw how check out

Sew the lip that is on the headphone cushions on to the hoodie. Don't sew anything else but the lip or else the cushion will not fit around your ear.

After you sewed both cushions on, get the speakers and put one of them in the middle of the ear cushion on the inside of your hood. Then, sew across the speakers so that they wont move. Put the smallest amount of supper glue on some of the places where the thread cross each other.

Step 4: Finnishing UP!!!

This next step is optional but after awhile of using my hoodphones I tried making them fit my ears better when I look to the left or right. I came up with using rubber bands around the headphone cushions which makes them stick out a more and sick to your ears a bit better.
I use a head band and cut it in two and tide a knot so it would blend in better.

Next Sew up your hoodie. I passed the wire over my seam instead of cutting a hole in my seam and risk something unraveling. I ran the cord in to my hoodie pocket where I keep my old shuffle. Now I can enjoy my tunes all though the fall, winter and spring!!!