Introduction: Hooded Cape -Steampunk-Victorian-Gothic

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This is a versatile cape that works for many styles.The materials that could be used and the color variations are endless.It is not a difficult cape to make , but requires a lot of fabric.
      This project took about 15 yards of fabric. You will need about 8 yards for the outside and 7 for the lining.
     First, sew the front pieces to the back piece at the sides.
     Sew the hood pieces together around 3 sides. Turn right side out. Make a channel for a drawstring about 3 inches from the front edge. On the back of the hood gather the back of the hood together at the center. Gather about 12 inches  until the twelve inches are about 6 inches. This creates pleats in the back of the hood.
     Make 2 draw stings about 2 feet long and run it through the channel in the hood.Make an opening in the middle of the channel at the top of the head. The drawstrings will exit here. Pull the drawstrings and tie together. Sew hood onto neck of cape. Make a lining and sew onto cape.
  Lastly, add ties at the neck.

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