Introduction: Hook Only Rainbow Loom Bracelets: Aiko (Original Design)

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Aiko is the one of my hook only 6-loops based design in Rainbow Loom Bracelet. AIKO in Japanese means a female name from the root words “Ai” which is love or affection and “ko” which means child. Dedicated to a friend who is also a Japanese. Missing you Momi Yumi!

Step 1: What You Need:

1. Rainbow loom hook or crochet double ended hook. I use my double-ended hook on this tutorial.

2. Set of bands. I use official Rainbow Loom Bands in Opaque Dual Layer in Blue Denim and Pastel Green and Blue from Carnival Mixed on this tutorial.

3. C-clip

Step 2: Make a Standard 6-loops Base.

If you already see my post on how to make the standard 6-loop set-up, this is what I mean on this step.

Step 3: Insert a New Band Through.

Insert a new band (denim blue) through all the middle 4 loops.

Step 4: Insert a New Band.

At this point, your hook should now have 4 loops on the hook (see upper picture.). Insert a new band (pastel blue) through all 4 loops on the hook, do not close it yet.

Step 5: Reclaim the First Loop Nearest to the Hook.

Reclaim the first loop nearest to the hook. Please see arrow pointed to which band is the 1st loop (pastel green band) to reclaim.

Step 6: Reclaim the Center Bands.

From the previous step, reclaim another 2 loops (pastel green bands). This time, insert your hook inside the middle of the new band (pastel blue) and reclaim 2 middle loops below.

Step 7: Close the Other Loops.

Reclaim the 2 outer loops back to the hook. It should now have 6 loops again on the hook.

Step 8: ​Re-arrange the Outside Bands.

Re-arrange the outside loops (pastel blue and pastel green) so that there are no overlapping bands. Still should have 6 loops on the hook.

Step 9: Insert a New Band.

Insert a new band (denim blue) through all 6 loops on the hook. Do not close yet.

Step 10: Reclaim 2nd and 4th Loops.

Reclaim 2nd and 4th loops (pastel blue band) nearest to the hook then close the other end with the new band. At this point, you should now have 4 loops on your hook. Add a band on each side to make it 6-loops again. See step on how to make 6-loops base. Repeat Steps 3-10 until your desired length for the bracelet is achieved. Put two ends together with a c-clip and there you go! your bracelet is finished!

You can also use this design to make it as a bag tag or a cellphone strap.

Thank you for your time! I hope to see you all on my next tutorial! You can also add me on Instagram and tag me there when you make one.

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