Hook Up a Console to a DVD Player!

Introduction: Hook Up a Console to a DVD Player!

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Ever wanted to hook up your console to something like your DVD player so you could take it on the go?

Well, it's really easy. I'll show you.

Step 1: Things That You Need.

Things that you will need:

Any console of your choice: $?
DVD Player with AV outlets: $50-100
Video and Audio converter: $10-15 dollars each
Yellow, white and red wires: $15-20 depending on console

Step 2: Put the AV Wires Into Your Console

Take your AV cords, and find the plugin that says your console name, mine was Xbox 360, plug it into the back somewhere near the HDMI port.

Xbox 360 AV cables (One)

Step 3: Plug-in the Converts Like I Do.

Really simple.

Put the red cord in the red converter, and the yellow cord in the white converter.

Step 4: Turn on Your Console.

Turn on your console.

So far you should have:

1. put the big plug in the port.
2. inserted the AV cords into your converter(s) and put the converter(s) into the DVD player.
3. Turned your DVD player to AV mode.
4. turned on your console and DVD player.

Step 5: Have Fun!

Play your console.

If requested enough, I'll remake this instructable because I feel it could be considered vague.


1. If you can't see the console display, make sure the DVD player is set to AV Mode.
2. Rearrange the AV cords, it's usually the same, but yours could be different.

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    8 years ago

    Nice been looking for a way to take my Xbox to hotels for tournaments

    Atlas Portal 2
    Atlas Portal 2

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It was my pleasure!

    I hope someone other than me finds this helpful, I don't think many people have these parts.