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Introduction: Hooked on Tablets

(Been years since I did an instructable better get it going...)


This cheap little project can go together in less than 10 minutes (not counting buying the bits) and if you are like me you will wonder how you got by without it.
This is a simple add on to a tablet case that will make it much easier to use your iPad, Android or Windows tablet in a parked car, van, truck, atv, or even some boats I guess. Notice carefully I am saying parked here; I don't want to see a lot of comments about driving with this in use; that would be incredibly dangerous. BUT If you often find yourself sitting in your vehicle waiting for someone at a railway station, bus stop, shopping center or other off road car park you will find this simple idea very useful.

Step 1: Materials

Materials required are minimal:
A flat backed rigid clip on case to suit your tablet
2x 3M Command hooks (or similar brand), long strong ones like those in the pictures
A little alcohol to prepare the case for the hooks
Optional: 2x short lengths of soft tubing eg surgical tubing

Step 2: Attaching the Hooks

Use the manufacturers instructions on the hook package and attach your hooks to the back of the case (the case not your tablet i{^_^}) as described below. This usually goes easier with the tablet in the case as it supports the case back while you are pressing the hooks on.
Make sure you put the hooks on:
- the right way up (your tablet senses up, but you want the case flap folding the right way).
- as far apart as possible for stability but don't cover the camera lens.
- as close to the top of the case as possible (to keep the center of gravity as low as possible for stability).
- both hooks the same distance from the top (very important).
- Make sure that the body of the tablet hangs clear of your airbag cover on your steering wheel if you park in places where front impact is possible. Also consider having the flap fold over the top if this is a concern.
If you mess up positioning you can reposition the 3M Command hooks using another adhesive strip as per the manufacturers instructions.

Step 3: Optional Tubing on the Hooks

It is a good idea to put some soft tubing on the hooks to increase friction and protect things you hook onto. The best tubing would be some rubber surgical tubing. I can't find mine at the moment so I used some very soft PVC tubing. Make sure the tubing is the right size to just go on firmly.
It is best to slide the Command hooks off their bases while doing this part. (see hook instructions). Cut your tubes to length and slide the tubing on the hooks while supporting the back mounting piece of the hook with your finger (use a little lube if needed). It is very easy to make the hook lose if you are not careful. If you make a hook lose, some super glue will fix it fairly well but be careful to get it in the right place and do not become attached to your work.

Step 4: Using the Tablet Hooks

After you are parked just hook the tablet on your steering wheel and you will find it very convenient to use while parked. (I hate to keep harping on the "while parked" issue, but I just know if I don't that someone is going to try to drive using it on their steering wheel with a tablet running a GPS app and end up "hooked" around a tree.)
Take the tablet off the steering wheel and hook it somewhere out of the way in your vehicle when on the road. Don't even use it while stopped at the lights!

- The hooks can double as legs, putting the tablet on a convenient angle.
- You can hook the tablet on your bed head, chair back etc etc etc etc etc when you are not using it.
- The hooks can be slid off their bases and put in your pocket when you don't need them; the bases are fairly flat.
But where the tablet hooks really shine are those long "hours" when your are stuck waiting in a car park while the rest of the family is off spending your "hard earned".

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    After you park, then someone hits your front end..

    Rather then having the airbag just deploy, you now get a tablet to face and crack possibly your own skull.


    Reply 7 years ago

    That might be possible but since the sensors are set to not deploy unless the vehicle is going 35mph or more, not too likely. Only reason I know this: I work for a wrecker service storage and have had to explain to a lot of people that their bags did not malfunction, and why. Could be a serious issue for anyone ignoring the warnings to use only on *parked* vehicles, but driving and using a tablet is an accident looking for a place to happen. Hopefully your comment helps some to avoid that, thanks!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks MikeH10 for your contribution......
    Off road parking must be very different in your country. I have been using the hooks for many months, and I can't remember ever parking off road in a situation where my front end was accessible to impact while using my tablet. I guess if you are worried only use it in situations where a front impact is impossible.
    Or position the hooks so the tablet clears the airbag:
    My tablet hangs just clear (above) of the airbag cover, only the light flap hangs down over the airbag cover. It would flip out of the way if the airbag deployed. I have made an addition to the Instructable cover (uncover?) the airbag issue.