Hoop Gliders

Introduction: Hoop Gliders

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Just like any type of flying device, the hoop glider has the four forces of flight acting upon it. Gravity (AKA: weight) is working to pull the glider down. However there is air present. Since air has mass the curved loops push against the air creating which works as lift to keep it up. The shape of the glider being thin makes it aerodynamic and reduces the amount of drag. The forward force of thrust comes from the person throwing the glider forward. The glider ends up on the ground due to the constant pull of gravity causing more and more drag on the glider, eventually bringing it down to the ground.

Key Terms

Lift – the force that directly opposes the force of gravity when discussing flying objects.

Drag – the force that tends to slow down an object moving through a fluid; also known as wind resistance, a type of friction.

Gravity – the natural force that causes an object to be pulled downwards towards an object of large mass (i.e. Earth)

Thrust – the force (or push) that accelerates an object in the opposite direction of drag.


- 2 Pieces of Paper

- Plastic or Paper Drinking Straw (if available)

- Scotch Tape

- Ruler

- Scissors

- Pencil

Step 1: Use the Ruler and Pencil to Mark 1 Inch (2.54 Cm) Lines Along the 11 Inch (27.94 Cm) Length of the Paper.

Step 2: Cut Out the Strips Into 11 Inch (27.94 Cm) Strips.

Step 3: Cut Half of the Strips to 5 Inches (12.7cm) in Length.

Step 4: Curl Each Strip Into a Loop and Tape the Ends Together.

Step 5: Optional: If Straws Are Not Available, Take One Piece of Paper and Roll Along the 11 Inch (27.94 Cm) Into a Straw Shape. Tape Around the Tube to Hold It in Place.

Step 6: Tape One Loop to One End of the Straw and Repeat With the Other Loop

Step 7: To Throw, Make Sure the Smaller Loop Is Facing Away From You (in the Front). Throw GENTLY Like Throwing a Dart.


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