Introduction: Hope Plant

A paper plant that holds inspiration!

Tell the receiver to pull a leaf off each day and read it to be inspired.

Step 1: Fold Paper Accordian-style

Fold paper in half, crease and unfold. Turn paper 90 degrees and do it again. With these lines as guides, keep folding paper in half and creasing (see photos).

Step 2: Punch Holes

Use a small hole punch to make holes at the edges. Note that the paper will be cut into small strips, so don't forget the holes near the middle edges (see photos).

Step 3: Repeat for Other Side

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for other side of paper (see photo).

Step 4: Write Your Heart Out

Use a contrasting pen to write inspirational phrases on each section (see photo).

Step 5: Cut Into Strips (future Leaves)

Cut the paper into strips along the crease lines (see photos). These are the leaves of the hope plant.

I used zig zag scissors to give the leaves some extra texture.

Step 6: Adding Wire

Pick your "stem" based on the size of the holes you made in step 2. I made small holes, so I used 24 gauge wire to hold the leaves together.

If you make bigger holes, you could make the "stem" a cute pen or pencil.

Step 7: Putting the Leaves on the Stem

Loop the wire and bend at a right angle. Put each leaf (piece of paper) on the stem (wire or pencil) using the holes at both ends. Make sure to keep the text on the inside of the loop. Do this for all of the leaves (see photos).

You can send the Hope Plant, papers and wire, flat in an envelope and have the receiver put the plant together.

Step 8: Compress and Crimp/twist Wire

Compress the leaves and crimp or twist the wire. Loop the rest of the wire to make a shape or trim it.

Step 9: Fluff the Leaves

Use your fingers to open up the upper leaves.

Step 10: If You'd Rather Do This Without Paper, Check Out the Web Version

Find electronic version of Hope Plant here: