Horde Curtain



Introduction: Horde Curtain

this thing took me forever to make, but I'm so happy with the outcome. needed to make a curtain because our dog was destroyojg the blinds. what you'll need:

fabric (I used quite a bit for the size of my window)
wood burner
wood stain
sewing machine
thread/thick string

Step 1: The Top Piece

so the top piece is my favorite part. I measured the width of my window and then added some. cut the piece (I used an old wood fence piece that came from my grandpa's backyard), drew on the letters, and then used my handy dandy wood burning tool to burn in the letters. afterwards I stained it a dark walnut, which turned my old, warped, weathered away wood black. it also made it so the wood burning was hard to see at certain angles, which almost gave it a cool *pop* when you see it the right way, which I liked.

Step 2: The Curtain

this damn thing. Definitely needed a friend for this part. did the math for how large we were wanting the horde symbol to be compared to a print out we had, and then drew. I had to climb up onto my table to draw a (reverse, mind you) horde symbol. the reason I did it in reverse is the fabric I used was soft on one side, and I wanted that to be the side to see, but didn't want to ruin it. (In the pic is my friend going over my lines and making it prettier).

once it was cut out we grabbed some adhesive spray, and did a LIGHT spray on the back (you'll see the top is where we put too much, making it soak through). once that was all dry I grabbed my sewing machine, and did a quick stitch along the bottom (which was also cut to look torn) and along the top, to keep from fraying, then sewed the symbol on (adhesive made it easier so the symbol wouldn't get too warped with my sewing skills)

Step 3: The Stitching -_-

this damn curtain. this is the part that took FOREVER!! To be completely honest, I got lazy half way through, so that wasn't much help, but anyways. what I did here was hand sewed nasty looking stitching with a thick thread to give it that worn, old, don't care look, which is apparently a lot harder to do than I thought... didn't want to repeat the same stitch multiple times.
I did red along the two sides, and then did black around the entire symbol. I wanted it to look messy. Once that was done, I stapled the top to the back of the wood.

Step 4: Hanging It Up

finally got this thing hung up in front of the window. like I said before, the wood used was extremely bowed, so that was fun, had to drill the hole through first, put it those nail plastic things in the wall to hold the nail (the stud wasn't by three edges unfortunately) and then screw in one said, use the level, and then did the other. luckily the wall unwarped the wood, and now it's all done :)

now only 5 more (SMALL) ones to go for the friends and for my tiny window right next to this one. that was is going to be an ilidari tabard/curtain, so no messy sewing, so it should go by so much more quickly.

hope you enjoyed :)

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