Introduction: Horizontal Butt Weld

Hi, my name is Naomi Winger. I'm a college student at Lake Area Tech in the Welding program. Now have you ever been in a setting with welding equipment and wanted to try it out? Well after this tutorial you'll be able to set up your welder to weld a horizontal butt joint. Its something to show off to people who doubt that you've ever weld before.


A Welder Welding Hood Safety Gloves

Safety googles Claps

Safety vest two 6''x 1.5'' metal pieces

Step 1: Welder Settings and Setting It Up

When the welder is turned on , look to see the thickness of the metal and then adjust the amps and volts accordingly. First off put the connecting ground on the table or area you'll be welding this insures that you will have a strong polarity connections. I'm using thin metal, so I set my amps between 240-260 depending how fast your travel speed is. Travel speed is how fast or slow you move the wire torch. Then, set the voltage between 17.0-18.0. Once the welder is on and set its time to prep the two pieces of metal. For this take, both pieces of metal and lay them on top each other. Taking a clamp, clap them in place securely so the don't move. At this time on both ends take the wire torch and press the button and make small tacks on the pieces so the won't warp.

Step 2: Welding

Furthermore make sure to start at one end and follow through to the next. The objective is to position the wire feed in the middle and keep it there as straight as you can. Make sure not to favor one side. Once you are in a comfortable position place your finger on the red trigger and start moving down the metal. It takes practice so you wont get it the first time and that's okay.

Step 3: Results and Closing

These are the results, like I said it takes time. The travel speed was a little to slow at the end but welding is also looking were you went wrong and fixing it for next time. Welding isn't either you have it or you don't, It's practice makes perfect. Doing it as many times as you can for you to succeed. Play around with extra metal that you have there is a whole science that goes into welding. Make it fun cause it can get frustrating at times. Satisfied with the welding its time to boast and tell people that you have welded before and watch their face when you show them. They will look impressed.