Introduction: Horizontal Trough Collector for Solar Hot Air and Water.

I think this type of collector has a few potential advantages.  Especially in higher latitudes.
It combines the characteristics of cusp concentrators (super wide acceptance angle) but low concentration with parabolic concentrators, super concentration but awful acceptance angle.
So the advantages should be, higher concentration so less pipes and plumbing to deal with,
probably higher temperature generated and less loss of energy due to re radiation.
Also because of the decent acceptance angle, a cloudy sky might still yield decent heat production.
I have not made one, and I have no plans to do so.  I think they will have dead hot air around the collector and this will keep them warmer than expected.
They have to be in a plane that is at right angles to  the axis of the earth's rotation. This means that horizontal is  the option with the shortest pipe lengths but that having one or 2 banks of them joined together and on an incline will work too. This will allow for non powered fluid flow through the pipes.