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Introduction: Horned Owl Clock

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This is a Horned Owl clock made from one piece of wood and a few misc supplies

Step 1: Supplies

16" X 11" wood

clock insert

ruler, pencil, paint (I used acrylic) brushes, wood glue, sandpaper

saw. I used a band saw, however, I have done this project with my 2nd-grade students and they use a coping saw.

hand drill

*optional, wooden car wheels

Step 2: Measure, Mark and Cut

measure 2 " and cut a strip from the bottom edge of wood

next divide and cut that piece into 4 equal blocks (these are the owl's feet)

Draw and cut corners off the top edge of the board. These will be used for the owl's horns.

I also cut the bottom edges slightly to create a curved bottom of the owl's body

SAND all edges of wood pieces.

Step 3: Clock Hole

decide where the clock will be placed and drill a hole.

Step 4: Glue Wood

Using wood glue place the horns on the owl and the front feet.

Step 5: Painting

Design and paint your owl.

I used wooden car wheels for my guy's eyes. This is optional. You paint your clock however you like.

Step 6: Finish

When the paint is dry insert the clock mechanism and glue the back pieces to finish the stand.

insert a battery and you are good to go!

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