Introduction: "Horrors of Tech" Halloween Costume

In this virtual age, the horrors of technology are the worst. It is everyone's nightmare to be stuck without WiFi or a a dead battery. With all the Zoom meetings, it is horrific to be talking while on mute. For the Mac users, you know something bad is going to happen when you see the Spinning Wheel of Death. Here is how we made these 4 costumes.

Step 1: Man Stuck on Mute

Everyone hates when you are talking, just to realize you were on mute the entire time (nothing scarier than that). To create this costume, here are the steps:

1. Take a foam board and cut out the center leaving about 4 inches on the bottom and 2.5 inches on the other sides.

2. Cover the foam board with black paper.

3. Take a screenshot of a Zoom meeting. Use a tool such as Google Drawings to print out the icons. You will need the mute, video, participants, chat, share screen, end button icons, green security and view icons. Cut these out and tape to the board.

4. As for the dress, wear a pajama pants on the bottom, and then wear a suit on the top. To complete the look, wear some fuzzy slippers.

This is a great costume that everyone can relate to. It is also super easy to make!

Step 2: Dead Battery Costume

The worst thing possible is when you are out, and suddenly you realize your phone battery is dying. There is no charger in sight. Here is how to make this costume.

1. Use a white foam board to cut out the shape of a battery (rectangle with a small rectangle at the top).

2. Use a black paper or poster board in the same shape as the battery but a little bit smaller to create the outline.

3. Finally, cut out a small rectangle of red paper to show the low battery.

4. In order to wear it, cut out a strip of black felt to make a holder around the neck. You can staple the felt to the back of the battery.

This costume takes no time at all, and is super easy for people to relate to.

Step 3: No WiFi Costume

Imagine you are out, and all of the sudden the WiFi cuts out. You lose your entire connection to the rest of the world. Here is how to make this simple costume.

1. Use a black foam board. From one of the corners, draw an arc from the end of the short corner to the other side to create the shape.

2. Then use gray paper to create the bars.

3. Finally, cut out a small rectangle to create the exclamation mark. Tape this on.

4. For the strap, use a piece of black felt. Staple to the back.

This is a super simple costume to make! And it is absolutely terrifying!

Step 4: Spinning Wheel of Death

For Mac users, nothing can be more scary than seeing the spinning wheel of death kill your computer. Here is how to make this costume:

1. For the wheel, cut out a circle from foam board.

2. Next divide the wheel into 6ths. There will be straight lines. Next, draw a soft arc from one end of a line to the center. Copy this arc to the other lines. Erase the straight lines, leaving the shape of the Spinning Wheel of Death.

3. Finally, color in the arcs.

4. For the strap, use a piece of black felt. Staple to the back.

5. For the clothing, create robes to wear that looks like the grim reaper. This is the "death" element. For the weapon, cut out a knife shape. Cover in foil and attach to a stick (we used bamboo).

This is a "scary" costume that looks amazing!

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