Introduction: Horse Drawing

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Step 1: Gather

Gather your supplies. 1. Paper 2. Pencil 3. Eraser

Step 2: Neck

To make the neck, draw a kind of curved line curved just enough to make the crest of the neck.

Step 3: Head, Chest, and Back

Make one ear. Draw a line slanted. Draw a small line straight down. Then make a slanted line again with a little bump on the end. Come down and make the mouth and the chin. Then go up and curve to make a half circle. Make the bottom part of the neck and a bulging spot at the bottom. Go back to the top and make the back.

Step 4: Front Leg

On the chest part, make a line go down as far as you want it. Go and make the hoof. Bring a line up and getting bigger all the time.

Step 5: Belly and Start of Hind Leg

Make a curved line for the belly. Make sure your horse is not to fat. Lift your pencil and make a slanted line at the end of the belly.

Step 6: Back Legs

Do the same thing you did with your front leg. Now kind of do the same thing but skinnier because part of the leg is behind the other one. And also Finnish the buttocks.

Step 7: Other Front Leg

Now go halfway down the front leg and make a slanted line. Make your hoof and another slanted line going up.

Step 8: Tail

Go halfway down the buttocks. Add your tail. It should de a long tail.

Step 9: Mane and Head Detail

Make your mane and other ear. Add the inside of the ear. Make the eye nose and the line on its face.

Step 10: Neck Line

Now make a little line on the neck.

Step 11: Detail

Make a line on the back leg and buttocks. Add the ribs.

Step 12: Finished Drawing

There. Now it is finished. You can do whatever you want with it now.