Introduction: Horse Popsicle Treat

These horse popsicles are sure to make any horse happy and hydrated during hot days.


1/2 cup apple juice

Your horse's favorite treats (a.k.a. fruits and vegetables, don't use any pre-made treats, as these will get soggy and undesirable later.)

1 plastic cup (one that you don't mind cutting to get the popsicle out)

Some bale twine or string (optional)

Step 1: Pour Apple Juice Into Cup

The title pretty much says it all here, just pour the apple juice into the cup you were planning on using! (You can add more or less depending on if you think it will be too big for your horse.)

Step 2: Add Treats

Add the treats into the cup.

Step 3: Add String (optional)

All you have to do here is put part of your string into the cup and leave the other end out, so you can hang it later for your horses to play with. (You don't have to do this part if you are putting this is a water trough.)

Step 4: Freeze

This is the easiest of them all, just freeze the cup with the juice in it until frozen.

Step 5: Enjoy

You can hang this up by the string somewhere in your horse's stall, or you can put it in their water trough, this will keep it cold and give your horse something to do.

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