Introduction: Horse Racing Game

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I work in aged care, and was asked to do the entertainment for a few weeks while someone went on vacation. I wanted to try something different. I had seen this as a table game but wanted to try make it larger so everyone is involved in the game.

Step 1: Materials

My game was made from mainly recycled materials that I had at home. But this is what you will need.

6 x Any wood 2cm x 12cm x 20cm for the base

6 x wood blocks 6cm x 7cm x 10cm for base

6 x dowels 80cm long

6 x wood to the size you want your horses

scrap wood for number

16mm spade bit

scroll saw/jig saw


12 x screws


scrap foam (for dice) and fabric

6 x different colors of acrylic paints

6 cable ties

Number stencil

black fabric tape

Step 2: Build the Base

Center the smaller block of wood onto the larger blocks and screw or glue them together. I screwed mine in. My dowel was 16mm so I drilled a hole in the center of the top block to attach the dowel rod to the base, which I glued in. I stained all my blocks before I started because I was going to seal it all with spray varnish which is less work on a project like this.

Step 3: Cutting Out Your Horses

I found an image on google for the horses. If you are not to very good on a scroll saw go for a basic design and use a jig saw. Print the picture off and use spray glue to attach it to your project. I used an old kitchen cupboard door for my horses. Use your scroll saw or jig saw to cut around the image. Make sure you have a straight open edge at the bottom of the horse to attach it to the dowel. I only found that issue later so just cut off one of the horses legs (lol)

Step 4: Add Number to Your Horses

Draw 6 circles on your wood. My wood was the sides of an old drawer. Cut out your circles and drill two holes 16mm apart so that they can be attached to the dowel using cable ties.

Step 5: Add Hole to Horses

Using the 16mm spade drill bit find the center of your piece of wood and drill a hole for the horse to attach to the dowel. Glue horse to the dowel.

Step 6: Paint Horses

Paint all the horses a different colour with the matching circle for each horse. Using your stencil and a sharpie write on the number for each horse. If you don't have a stencil print the numbers of in microsoft word and cut them out and trace the numbers on to the horses. I put the numbers on both sides of the horses as well as the front so they can be seen from all angles. Use the cable ties as well as a bit of glue to attach the circles to the dowels.

Step 7: Making Your Race Course

I had a large roll of thick brown paper at home which I painted with a green poster paint. But green felt or astro turf or any green fabric can be used. I added cheap black fabric tape from a dollar store to protect the edges and make it look nicer. I divided my race course into 8 sections, one for each horse and one on the edge for the numbers and one on the end just to balance out the look. I used a sharpie and a long plank to draw out the lines for the track. My track was 4m long only because we have a lot of residents so wanted it long enough so everyone can see. The length was also divided into rows and each row is a move of the horse. I added numbers on the rows to make it easier and quicker to move the horse.

Step 8: Making the Dice

I used an old piece of foam mattress and marked out my square and used an electric knife to cut my foam. I used black fabric to cover the dice and used the scrap fabric for the dots. I used this dice template to do the dice dots. The dots were glued onto the dice. Or you can just go and by cheap fluffy dice that you hang on your car mirror. I made the dots on the dice different. One dice is for the horse and the second is for the amount of moves.

Step 9: Making Horse Tickets

I printed my tickets using microsoft word and laminated them so they last longer. You need tickets for the 6 horses and also for the Horse dollars.

Step 10: How to Play the Game

Each player picks 2 horses at the start of the game. The first dice is thrown which is for the number if the horse. The second dice is thrown and that is the number of moves the horse will make. The horse that gets to the end wins. I made horse dollars for our game. Each person with the winning horse number gets a horse dollar and at the end of all the games the person or persons with the most horse dollars wins a prize from the prize table. You can have as many prizes as you like. We just do first, second and third. To make the game more interactive for our residents we pass the dice around the room so every person can throw a turn. And to make the atmosphere a bit more exciting you can play the Lone ranger theme song during the game.

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