Introduction: Horseshoe Dutchoven Holder

These horseshoe dutch oven holders are the perfect gift for someone special on any occasion. They would be great for anyone who cooks with a dutch oven and does not want to burn a hole in the table. Simply just place this horseshoe holder on the table, and then the hot dutch oven on top, and serve away!

Materials needed:

  • 3 old Horseshoes
  • 1 steel rod, 9 inches long and 1/2 inch in diameter
  • 1 can of Engine Enamel (or paint that can withstand at least 500 degrees Fahrenheit)

Tools needed:

  • Arch welder and welding rods
  • Saw that cuts metal
  • Wire cup brush
  • Grinder
  • Narrow hammer
  • Steel brush
  • Clamp
  • Pair of pliers

Safety equipment:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Welding gloves
  • Welding mask
  • Long sleeve shirt and pants

Step 1: Take the Rust Off

Step one is to remove any nails and rust off of the horseshoes. Before you start, put on safety glasses. I find it easy to remove any nails sticking out by using pliers to bend the nails until they break. But you can use a grinder to grind off the nails. Then use the hammer to knock out the remaining part of the nail. Now place the horseshoe in the clamp and begin to remove any rust with the wire cup brush.

Step 2: Welding Time!

Now it is time to start welding. It can be tough to find a welding machine if you don't own one. I went to my school and asked if I could use theirs. After you find a place where you can weld, place all of the horseshoes right side up in a triangle with the round parts touching each other like shown in the pictures. MAKE SURE YOU ARE WEARING PROPER EYE PROTECTION AND WELDING GLOVES!!!!!!

Step 3: Flip

After welding all three of the sides, flip the horseshoes with a pair of pliers, so it is now face down. Now weld the other side where the horseshoes are touching.

Step 4: Remove the Slag

With a pair of pliers, take your horseshoes somewhere where you can place it down. ( I recommend a metal table.) Now pressing the horseshoes to whatever you have, use the hammer to bang off the slag left on top of your welds. (This shows how good your welds are.)

Step 5: Cutting

Using the saw that cuts metal, cut the metal rod so you have 3 smaller rods that are 3 inches long.

Step 6: Even More Welding

Now flip it so it is bottom up. Weld the rods at a 90 degree angle. If you have something magnetic that will hold the rods upright I recommend using it. I find this the easiest. Tact the rod in place and remove whatever you have holding the rod upright. Weld all the way around.

Repeat this step to the other 2 horseshoes. IF YOU WELD ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE HORSESHOE, WELD THE OTHER TWO HORSESHOES ON THE RIGHT SIDE ALSO, OR VISE VERSA. Failure to do so may lead to having 4 rods for balance.

Step 7: Grinding (if Needed)

After welding the rods, you may have to grind down anything sharp or pointy. Try to get the rods so they are as flat as possible.

Step 8: Painting

The final step is to paint. Paint both sides with the Engine Enamel. You only need one coat.

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