Horseshoe Nail Cross Pendant




Introduction: Horseshoe Nail Cross Pendant

This Horseshoe Cross Pendant was originally produced for my local church to sell as Christmas Gifts with all proceeds going to my local church. 100 where produced and sold out.

Step 1: Supplies That You Will Need

For the Horseshoe Nail Cross ( Tracktor Supple offers several sizes and types). You will need #5 Horseshoe Nails, a good sturdy pliers ( diagonal wire cutter, needle nose pliers, small vice grip pliers, and wire cutter pliers). I use 17 Gage wire up to 22 Gage wire.

Step 2: Bending Nails

Using a Jig made from scrap wood set Jig as follows 1 3/8 and 3/4. You will need to bend 2 nails with the head of nails set at 1 3/8 for the left side of the cross to a 90 degree bend. Next bend 2 nails at 3/4 with a 90 degree bend for the right side of the cross.

Step 3: Rounding Off Top of Cross

Using needle nose pliers. place 3 small 90 degree bends on the 2 tips of the nails that were bent at at the 1 3/8 3 times at 90 degrees creating a rounded look to the top of the cross.

Step 4: Putting Together Cross With Wire

  1. You will need to cut 2 pieces of wire around 32 inches.
  2. using the vice grips lock the left side 2 nails together.
  3. using wire start winding the wire at the tip of the pliers working to towards the center of the cross putting tension on wire to keep a tight wind on wire.
  4. release vice grips and finish winding wire to nail head cut excess wire and use pliers to crimp end of wire tight.
  5. Repeat process for right side of cross.

Step 5:

  1. Using vice grips lock both haves on lower section of cross together.
  2. Using wire from left side of cross, cross wire over to the right side of cross and wind wire going to top of cross keeping tension on wire. Cut wire and crimp wire on back side of cross.
  3. Using wire from right side of cross, cross wire over to left side of cross and continue to wind to the bottom of cross keeping tension on wire. Cut wire and crimp tight on back side of cross.

Step 6: Completed Horseshoe Cross Pendant

Cross can be set up as a Necklace or a Key chain

Step 7:

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