Hose Holder From Plant Pot

Introduction: Hose Holder From Plant Pot

I had this hose lying around in the shed for years...always tangled up. Untying it when I had to use it quite annoyed me :) So now and then I would check hose holders you find in shops, but usually they were either too flimsy or too expensive (for my liking). And suddenly I found the solution: I screwed a plastic plant pot against the wall... problem solved!

Okay, hardly any instructions to give... take a plastic plant pot, find some screws and screw it against the wall. The plant pot I used already had holes in the bottom, so I didn't even have to drill them.

Obviously it's a good idea to use a firm plastic pot, and not a thin/flimsy one. I suppose a clay one could be used as well, but much more likely to break sooner or later.

Thought I should share this as I am probably not the only person in the world that got annoyed with a tangled up garden hose in the shed.

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    7 years ago

    Thanks so much for the totally-clever and simple solution.

    photo-2015-04-26, 14:16.jpg

    This is an awesome hack, if for no other reason than it's a money save, but it also looks very functional. Thanks for sharing!