Introduction: Hose Pipe Trumpet\Bugle\Cornet

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You Will Need:
One bit of Hose Pipe ( i used a piece 3 ft 7 or 1mtr 08 in length),
One funnel of any size (Mine is quite small),
One Brass instrument mouthpiece ( i used my plastic Trumpet mouthpiece as i play Trumpet)

Step 1: Assemble!

First: Push your funnel into one end of the hose pipe.
Second: Push your mouthpiece in the other end.

Step 2: Twist the Hose

Twist the Pipe in any way you want. i did it like the picture above.


I put sticky tape on mine to hold it in place but its not necessary. You can just hold it. also you can make it look more like a trumpet than i did

Step 4: Have Fun Playing