Introduction: Hose Salvage and Reuse Part 2 - Strain Relief

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This is the second in a series, see also: Hose Salvage and Reuse Part 1 - Blade Guard

For hose repair see: Hose repair

When I have enough for a collection they will all be summarized there.

This instrutable covers the use of junk hose to protect good hose ( like a compressor, gas line, or garden hose ).

Step 1: ​Tools Materials

Hose to protect: it must be small enough to insert into the junk hose. Some hose beyond repair. Usual small hand tools, sometimes some simple hardware, this is all pretty obvious.

Step 2: ​Make It – Strain Relief

My compressor hose fails all to often. ( Here is an example from instructables: Fixing a crimped compressor hose by gluefish Usually this is just at the connectors. This is a common problem because when you pull on the hose the forces tend to focus on the area around the connectors. You may have seen short sections of garden hose with a spring or wire around it to reduce the strain on the hose end. Here you add a short section of old hose to protect the compressor hose. The pictures make this pretty obvious.

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