Introduction: Hose and Tool Hanger From Scrap

This thing its very usefull and very easy to make you can hang everything in your garage or workshop with this little atachment, you can use it for air hoses , water hoses,extension cords, cordless drills, shovels even your bicycle you can build one in 10 minutes, or 12 in 30 mins.

You can made it with scrap wood or if you install ducts in your home now you know what to do with all that wood wheel from your holesaw.

You can make it square or any shape i just decided to make it round so it doesnt look to ugly XD.

Step 1: Find Scrap and Make Get the Round Pieces

Just use scrap wood to get some round pieces of wood

Step 2: Cut and Assembly

Mark the midle of one of the pieces and cut it in half

Make a notch in one of the halfs and one small hole

The complete piece make just two holes to atach to a wall

Joint with two screws

Step 3: Cord and Knots

Use some cord and make knots ever 5 or more centimeters

Atach to the hanger and you are ready tocrew it to the wall and hang your tools