Introduction: Hose Nozzle

This is a simple lathe project that involves the basic of turning and thread cutting.

Step 1: Select Materials

I used 25mm alloy hex

Could use 16-25mm hex. Brass would also be fine

Step 2: Face Cutting and Center Drilling

Holding the hex in the lathe center drill and face cut

Step 3:

Drill the hole out to 12mm and 25mm deep (for the 1/4 BSP tap) on one end.

Drill the other end out to 9mm and 15mm deep tap out to (10mm)

Step 4: Tapping

I held the tap with the tailstock in the lathe to start the thread. I find this is a good way to get he tap the start straight. Some taps have a center hole which is easy to use a live center to hold the tap, others I just take out the center and use the shaft to hold the tap straight.

Step 5: Cutting the Slot and Polishing

I cut a slot a third of the way down at an angle of @30 degrees and went down half way with a hacksaw. I cut down until I went half way through the hole. Less will give you an angle less than 180 degrees more will give an angle greater than 180 degrees. Once it is completed I polished it on the buff to make it look good and give it a better finish.

Step 6: Stand

I threaded a rod and fitted it into the 10mm threaded end sharpened the other end pushed it into the ground for a stand. Any stand to hold it up would be fine