Introduction: Hot Air Balloon

In this project is 5 steps of how to make a hot balloon, which is made in a simple design.


To start off the project finding a hot air balloon lined picture and/or reference pictures before hand will help out for some of the steps of the balloon or to use when you're stuck

Step 1: Step 1 - Lining the Balloon

Start with a picture of a hot air balloon, mainly one with lines that are easier to follow and use the line or spline tool (whichever works with the design for you, or both), to make the outline of the balloon,

The main parts for this outline (The balloon section) Is at least one side of the balloon, a line going straight through the middle, and the basket, which you can make one half of it but keep the middle line included because it will be used later

Step 2: Step 2 - Offset

Use the offset tool, and for sketch curves select the balloon line first and bring it outwards .05 Inches and at the ends of the two lines connect them to make a whole face, then do the same for the basket part as well.

Again only half is needed for the revolve and the line straight down the middle

Step 3: Step 3 - Revolve

When done lining all the parts go to create, then revolve and select one of the full faces at a time and use the line down the middle from earlier as the axis to revolve. Do this to the balloon and the basket and be sure to make sure that the balloon and the basket are lined up through the middle

Step 4: Step 4 - Making the Supports

( for this step you will most likely have to make another plane so go to construct and click offset plane and line up the plane in the middle of the basket to where you want the supports

Add supports by making lines and making offset lines and connecting the ends to make them whole faces, then extruding it .3 inches, going through both sides

You should have 1 base support that connects the basket and the balloon, then 2 supports that connect the basket and balloon directly and a support that connects the two supports and the base support.

At the end of this step go to modify then combine and connect the support to the basket then basket with the supports, combine to the balloon

(look at photo to copy or for reference)

Second supports are listed of how to make in the next step

Step 5: Step 5 - Second Supports

To make the secondary supports from the original offset plane, you got back to construct and select offset and make an offset plane where its crosses the first plane axis in general ( like if you were to look at it form the top you would see or think a + sign)

When done making the secondary supports connect all secondary parts together in modify then combine connect the supports just added, together then combine those supports the basket+supports, after that add the basket+ the 2 different supports, combine to main balloon

Using this you connect the basket directly to the balloon and near the middle you connect the secondary supports to the base support form the previous steps

Step 6: Final

At this point you should have something that looks along the lines of the picture showed ( without color)

and you can make any changes as you like or color however you like

In between these steps make sure that near the supports parts that everything s connected, that in the bodies folder that you can hide one of the folders in bodies to hide the whole thing