Introduction: Hot Chili Papas

First of all, you will need to collect all of the ingredients needed.

- Potatoes ( as many as you want ) cut them into small pieces of your choice

- 4 or 5 lemons

- 2 peeled pieces of garlic

- A bottle of Clemente Jaques Chipotle dulces

- Salt and Pepper

- oil

Side note: Before you start the cooking process you will need to boil the potatoes for 30 minutes


- Knife


- Stove or hot plate

Step 1: Getting Started

In order to get started, you need to get everything set on the kitchen. Set the pot on the stove.

Once you turn it on:

- Add the 1/4 cup of oil

- Add the 2 pieces of garlic

Once you've done that, start mixing them together until the garlic turns brownish

Step 2: The Potatoes

Once you remove the brownish pieces of garlic, immediately add the potatoes in the pot and start mixing them.

- Mix the potatoes for 1 minute

- Add half a spoon of salt ( small spoon)

- Half a spoon of pepper ( small spoon)

- Mix them for about a minute

Step 3:

After you mix the salt and pepper for a minute:

- Add the 5 lemons

- Mix it well so the lemon juice spreads evenly

Step 4: Getting Spicy

After having the lemon juice spread equally:

- Add half of the bottle of chipotle

- Mix them for about 7 minutes until you see the chipotle has a thick texture

- Before removing the potatoes add a pinch of salt and pepper for the final touch and mix

Step 5: Final Product

When you are done with all the mixing, turn off the stove and remove the potatoes.

Put them on a pretty plate and let them cool.

Enjoy :)

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