Hot Food - No Stove

Introduction: Hot Food - No Stove

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So here i was at the end of a day hike, lunch all gone.. with a very long unexpected wait for a tow truck...dinner time passing by and i am getting hungry..

Eventually i can just stand the thought of the dehydrated meal sitting in my pack (emergency rations) even if it is cold and crunch made with cold water...

Sitting in the car i have and idea...

What i used;

  • 1 Dehydrated food foil pouch(important) ( image 1)
  • Parked car - with working engine
  • Water
  • Hunting knife - and bit of wood

Step 1: Preparation

  • Splay the base of the dehy pack so that it stands up unassisted (image 2)- (unsure if this is a feature of other types)
  • Opened the dehydrated food pouch, add the required amount of cold water(usually hot), stir, squeeze most of the air out, re seal and roll down
  • Pop your bonnet and put it up on the stay
  • Make sure your car is in neutral/ Park - brakes on - start it

Step 2: Heat

  • After a few minutes running it should be evident where the hot spot is on your motor...(image 3)
  • Place the dehy pack down on the hot spot - splayed base first (luckily mine has a pipe and wire run allow me to wedge it in well) (image 4)
  • Lower the bonnet on to the catch - not closed ( be careful of your fingers...)
  • And sit back... takes bout 15-20 mins on idle on my 1500cc ( go NZ)
  • Crave a spoon.. mine looked bit like a spade but it worked...

Post script.....

Had to do it again last week.. this time i didn't need a tow truck.. but my gas cylinder was mysteriously empty..?? so after storming down a hill in the dark dreaming of my super dinner waiting to be cooked in the chilly bin... i had to resort to the dehy again ...- at least i had a spoon this time.... (bush to wet for easy fires lol) at least this time i had a nice tent and sleeping bag to jump straight in to... ahhhh heaven..

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