Introduction: Hot Glue Airy Lampshade

I really wanted to make an airy and nice lampshade. So that it shimmers in the light, not difficult to making and not expensive. I made up to make this lampshade from hot glue and fishing line. It’s not expensive, simple and easy.

It is absolutely my idea to make such lampshade.

P.S. I'm tired of fighting with sites that steal my instructables regardless of the license (which is indicated in the upper left corner). Sorry but I decided to add attribution to my photos. I know it looks a little annoying, but it annoys me even more to see my works under someone else's authorship or for sale.


  • transparent / colored hot glue (high strength),
  • a balloon,
  • fishing line,
  • foil,
  • a piece of rope,
  • a piece of duct tape,
  • transparent tight plastic.

Step 1: Making the Lampshade Mold

Inflate a balloon and tie it with rope.

Wrap the balloon in foil.

Step 2: Time to Use Hot Glue

Wrap fishing line around the balloon (make sure that you get round ball). Fix the end of the fishing line with duct tape.

Squeeze out little drops of hot glue on the fishing line, especially on a crosses. Try to distribute the droplets evenly over the surface of the ball.

Let the glue harden well.

Step 3: Final Details

Cut the fishing line on the side where the balloon was tied: cut small circle with a diameter of 10 cm.

Untie the balloon and pull through the hole.

Take the foil off the hot glue and pull it out through the hole.

Cut a gasket from transparent plastic 2 cm wide, the minimum diameter of which is equal to the diameter of the hole in the ball.

Insert the gasket through the hole into the ball and glue the edges of the ball to it using hot glue.

The lampshade is ready.

Step 4: Hanging the Lampshade

Make a mount for the lampshade: cut a circle with a diameter of 15 cm from transparent plastic and make hole in the center of a diameter of 1 cm. If you don't want to disassemble the socket then cut this plastic along the radius.Thread the cord through the hole of plastic circle and assemble the socket. Screw in the LED bulb.

ATTENTION! This lampshade cannot be used with incandescent lamps.

To put on the lampshade, simply roll the plastic circle and insert it into the hole of the lampshade.

Enjoy the work done.

This lampshade looks great by day too.

Step 5: Bonus: Another Lampshade

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