Introduction: Hot Glue Crystals

These cool looking crystals are fun and easy to make! Not that expensive either. Make just one or a ton for a cave of magic crystals!

Step 1: Materials!

Gather all of your materials!

1) Hot glue gun (And an outlet for it)

2) LOTS of hot glue

3) Plastic cups (Got mine at Walmart)

4) Scissors

5) Tea Lights (Ordered mine from amazon)

Step 2: Getting Started.

First, you will want to grab a plastic cup and your scissors. With the scissors, cut vertically from the open end of the cup straight to the base.

You will then want to duplicate it exactly on the opposite side. Once completed you should have two about equal halves still attached by the base of the cup.

Step 3: Finding the Shape.

Second, you will twist the two halves together. This will make a crystal like shape that will be your base. At this point, look at the kind of shape you want. It the picture above, I really twisted the two sides together making a thinner base, however, twist it as much or as little as you want. Make it how you would want it.

Step 4: Setting Up the Crystal

Now that you have the about shape, hold it together with one hand by holding the bottom of it. Take the hot glue gun and put hot glue in between the two sides where they touch. Find the places where the hot glue will allow the cup to stay in this form. Be generous with the hot glue. Better it stays together than popping back into its original cup shape.

If need be, hold the cup in place near where you put hot glue. Do not hold directly on it or you will burn yourself.

Hold the cup in shape for 60 seconds while the hot glue cools. Once it is cool, the cup should stay in place by itself.

Step 5: Forming the Crystal

Once the general base is made, start to coat the outside of the cup with hot glue. Go from the opening of the cup to the base of the cup in long movements. Do not try to make perfect patterned lines. Overlap. Be wavy with it. Push the glue around with the tip of the hot glue gun. Make the crystal look as you would like it, don't be afraid to be creative.

Cover half of the cup and then wait till it is fully cooled before covering the second half. Do not put the crystal down while the glue is still hot. Hold it in the air till it is cooled. Once the hot glue is set and not too hot to touch, hold the done side and cover the rest of the crystal with hot glue.

Step 6: Once You Have a Crystal

Once the crystal is fully covered, grab the tea light and put it under it. It will give it a magical look!

You can make multiples and hot glue them together to make a massive collection of them. Just repeat the steps then glue them together into a mass with multiple tea lights underneath.