Introduction: Hot Glue Instructables Robot

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One of my favorite things to work with is hot glue. Many people overlook the creative possibilities of this hot substance- and maybe after making an instructables robot, you will change your view on the subject of hot glue.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project you will need-

a hot glue gun

crayons (yellow, red, grey)

a rubber potholder


a permanent marker

hot glue sticks

***You may want to print out a picture of the robot, for reference.

Step 2: Making Your Robot

1. Start by squeezing a quarter sized pool of glue on the potholder. While the glue is hot rub the crayon on the glue, until thin. Peel away when dry. I ended up needing about 3 yellow pieces, 2 grey, and 2 red.

2. Trim the robots body parts out of the hardened glue

- arms

- head

- body


3. Glue the pieces together

4. Add detail to the robot (ex. eyes, mouth)

Step 3: Show It Off!!

Hurrah!! You made an awesome sign of your Instructables swag.

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