Introduction: Hot Glue Mario

Here is a model completely made from hot glue! Its the old time Mario! You can use him as a night lamp with a light source below him or add him to your collection models!

Step 1: Collect the Tools and Materials

The tools and materials required are-

  • Glue gun with sticks
  • Sharp hobby knife
  • Set of permanent markers

Step 2: Starting With the Structure

Print out a design of Mario on Paper and start placing bits of glue sticks to make the structure.

Step 3: Body Structure

To make the body,cut two small pieces of glue stick and stick them to each other. Put some more glue on it to make it look bulged. Let it dry for a while.

Use small pieces of glue stick to make legs and stick it to the main body. You can use small amount of glue near the joints to look realistic. For making the shoes, take a small piece of glue stick and slit it into half vertically. Each piece of them makes a shoe. Glue the shoes to the legs.

Use small pieces of glue stick and pour hot glue on it to make it look like hand.

Make the head with lumps of hot glue and add details on it.

Step 4: Meet Mario!

This is how it looks after completing the design.

Step 5: Adding Details

You can add some details by using coloured markers.Here he is! meet your new friend!

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