Introduction: Hot Glue Matches

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In the Instructable Pocket-Size Portable Hot Glue, I demonstrated a way to make hot glue portable.

I have used that portable glue a few times now and I find it very handy.

Just the other day I visited my girlfriends parents and was asked to glue a painting that had fallen out of the frame.

I had a glue stick attached to the keys, so it only took me a few seconds to do the job.

In this Instructable we look at another way to make a portable hot glue.

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Step 1:

Heat up the glue stick and apply some glue on the matches.

I used a piece of foam to hold the matches while the glue cooled down.

Step 2:

I added a label to the matchbox to know what's inside

If I'm ever on the road and I need to glue something fast, all I need to do is strike a match.