Introduction: Hot Glue and Cardboard Movie Stand!

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Hey Instructables! Did you ever want a movie theater experience at your home? Now you can! This project is made entirely out of hot glue and cardboard! This is my first ible so please leave questions or concerns in the comments. The great thing about this is it costs $0 to make!

Step 1: Gather Materials!

Gather your materials!

hot glue gun
cardboard (box)
sharpie or some other marker
measuring tape
THATS IT! Lets get building!

Step 2: Building the Front

First you want to find some cardboard to be two inches along the entire perimeter of your device. Don't forget to measure your device! Cut out a rectangle the size of your screen.

Step 3: The Supporters

The supporters should go right on the back of the front via hotglue. You want to then decide how far apart the supporters are from each other. Hot glue them in place. they should be around 4.5 inches long. you need 4 of them. then the main structure beams are around 6 inches long. you need 2 of these guys.

Step 4: The Platform

In order for this movie box to hold your device you need to make a platform for your device to rest on. This piece should be around 2.5 inches wide and 8 inches long. To hold it onto the structure you swiftly hot glue all the supporters first, then the front. This part is a little tricky.

Step 5: The Final Step! Triangle Device Supporter

For this step you simply cut out a 2x4 inch rectangle. Cut it diagonally. Get one of the pieces and place it with the right angle "hugging" the front. Hotglue both touching sides. repeat those steps for the opposite side. and Viola your done!

Step 6: Last Remarks.

Thanks for reading this Instructable! Like i said before this is my first Instructable so please put your wisdom down below. And please vote for me for the Hot Glue Challenge!

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