Introduction: Hot Plate Soldering Results

About: I have an associates degree in electronics engineering, But Im going to go for my Bach, and then my Masters. Currently thinking of going for a Mech. Engineering Degree too.

This is the result of a experiment I did, by using a hot plate and a peice of aluminum for soldering. Its easier than you think, and quite simple. The trick though, is to "paint" the circuit before hand with a soldering iron and a little bit of solder (I didnt have solder paste). I thought the solder would bridge, but it oddly didnt. I burned the PCB a little bit from leaving it on for too long, and it was probably to hot. But it worked!

Hmm, it gives me an idea to make a custom hot plate with a PID controller...But thats a project for another time. This was just to see if I could. The IC you see is a mosfet. I tested it with a meter but havent tested it in circuit, but it does pass the meter check! So looks like everything is connected.

The IC is CSD17304Q3, SON-8 3.3mm x 3.3mm. The pitch between pins is 0.65mm. I almost couldnt see them. But this proves with simple equipment, it can be done! Hopefully this inspires others to do the same

One more thing. I used the "laser jet" method of making PCBs. I didnt think it could do it, But Ive been using staples brand photopaper since day 1 and it works great!