Introduction: Hot Water Bottle Foot Cosy

I always have icy cold feet in the evening. My partner is subjected to cold feet on him once in bed which is rather uncomfortable for him.

I love to have a hot water bottle and it is wonderful sitting in the evening snuggling up with one. I thought it would be a good idea to warm my feet throughout the evening resulting in warm feet before bed.

I that there are feet muffs that plug in and heat up. I didn't fancy having to have something plugged in and wanted to make use of our kettle which is always warming on the wood burner so the idea of a hot water bottle cosy came to mind.


You will need

  • hot water bottle
  • outer fabric - I used some fabric from an old sofa
  • lining fabric - I used a fleece blanket offcut that I had used for another project
  • sewing machine or needle (this project could be hand sewn)
  • thread
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • paper to make your pattern (newspaper works well)
  • sharpie or pen or pencil

Step 1: Measuring

Take your tape measure and measure from your toes, up the front of your foot to the height you would like your cosy to reach.

Then measure from your heel at the back to the same height as the front.

Measure around both legs at the height you chose for your cosy.

Write all of these measurements down.

Now add on extra so that once made you will be able to fit both feet into the cosy once made. Make sure to add on at least half an inch for seam allowance.

Step 2: Make Your Pattern

Take a look at the plan.

Draw out your shapes to make the cosy pattern pieces roughly the same shapes as in the plan I drew.

Remember these are not meant to be close fitting, you want to be able to fit both feet in comfortable.

Draw around your hot water bottle with generous seam allowances. I just laid my bottle on top of the folded piece of fabric, drew a line with the sharpie and cut it out.

Step 3: Cutting Out

Once you have all of your pattern pieces lay them out on your fabric.

On the plan picture click on it to see it at full size and cut out the right amount of pieces as mentioned on the plan.

You will notice that the side pieces say cut 1 in main fabric then cut 1 in main fabric mirrored. You can either cut 1 piece then turn over the pattern and cut another or you can fold the fabric in half and cut 2 at once.

Cut out all pieces and check that you have the right amount of pieces.

Quick note

These are good made from upcycled materials like old woolly jumpers, blankets etc.

You could add more layers if you wanted it warmer, but man this thing is hot!

Step 4: Sewing

Once you have all of your pieces cut out it is time to sew them together.

  • Pin one of the front pieces right sides together to the front of one of your side panels. Sew in place then repeat for the other front piece and side
  • Then pin on the back piece right sides together and sew in place.
  • Repeat the above steps for the lining
  • Put the liner inside the outer piece, right sides together and pin in place matching up the seams
  • sew around the foot part to join the two pieces together

Turn it round the right way. Now you need to sew the top of the leg together. Press under both the outer and lining down 1 inch.

  • Top stitch all around the top joining the two pieces together, once you are 'wearing' the cosy you can have a turn up around the top so it doesn't matter if this is completely level

Now take your pieces for the hot water bottle, sew a 1" hem on both short edges on the outer and lining

Now sew around the other three sides joining the pieces together. Repeat for the lining. With the outer inside out put the lining inside with right sides facing. Sew all around the top leaving a 4" gap to turn it right sides out.
Turn it through and sew closed the 4" gap you left.

Now we will connect the foot cosy to the water bottle case.

  • Pin your foot cosy all around the edge to the water bottle case, this was pretty thick on mine so I sewed this by hand
  • remember to leave the front edge open to insert your water bottle

Step 5: Enjoy

Now fill your hot water bottle with hot water and put it in your cosy. Enjoy toasty toes.

You might want to make two, your significant other will totally want one once they have tried yours.

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