Introduction: Hot Wheels Rockets

Make a Hot Wheels Rocket!!
This is an insane project. You never know where the rockets gonna go so there really is no safe spot for you to be during the runs.

Step 1: Materials

1. Hot Wheels Car
2. Battery (12-Volt)
3. Igniters
4. Either a straw or a Pen (WARNING: straw may melt)
5. Wire (length of wire depends on length of track)
6. Plank for track (length depends on how far you want the car to travel)
7. Metal stoppers (buy alot because these rockets just fly through them)
8. C Rockets
9. Vernier Photogates (5X)

Step 2: Build the Car

1. Take your Hot Wheels car and attach the pen/straw to the car so that you can run the track wire through it. WARNING: the straw may melt so use either the pen or something thicker for better support.

2. Attach the rocket to the top of the Hot Wheels Car. Make sure the pen/straw is not going to be in the line of fire when the rocket's ignited or else it will melt.

Step 3: Making the Track

You can create your track in a variety of ways:
(The distance of the plank is 5 meters)
1. Plank, attach metal stoppers to the ends and run a wire right down the middle.
* The plain plank offers more friction than the PVC because it has a rougher texture.
* The inertia of the car when the force is against the metal stoppers causes the car to bounce back creating a displacement invalidating the data.

2. Plank, attach PVC Fencing right on top of the plank, use metal stoppers to ends and run a wire down the middle. (WARNING: the smoke created by the rockets will trigger the Vernier Photogates and make your data invalid)

Place each photogate 1 meter apart from each other.
(This needs to be done in multiple trials. The speed of the rocket is soo fast that not each gate gets triggered each time)

Step 4: Collecting Data

The data was extremely difficult to collect. My group did collect data, but it got overwritten by another group. And then when we used our backup Rocket Car, we were unable to collect anything. The smoke caused by the rocket falsly triggered the Photogates making it extremely difficult to collect. So in result to that, our group does not have any data.

The weight between the two cars altered our data as well. The lighter car had a better acceleration than the heavier car. The lighter car's instantaneous speed is faster as well because the rocket has lest weight to carry.