Hot Wheels Flash Drive




Introduction: Hot Wheels Flash Drive

Creating Hot Wheels flash drives.

Step 1:

A hot wheels car cost around one dollar, these 8 gig  flash drive cost about $6 online.  For this project I  used a drill, Dremel, propane torch, hot glue gun, small screwdriver and needle nose pliers.

Step 2:

Pry apart the flash drive, I used some heat shrink electrical wrap to insulate the flash drive after it is removed from the case.  

Step 3:

Take the hot wheels car apart by drilling the head of the rivets off flush with the bottom of the car. (I like to use the cars with a plastic bottom and metal top).

Step 4:

The hot wheels cars come apart into 4 parts, the metal body, the windshield, the interior, and the bottom with wheel and axles.

Step 5:

I use a Dremel tool to cut away enough of each section for the  flash drive to have room.

Step 6:

Dry fit the sections together with the flash drive to check the fit. When it all fits together correctly, take it back apart and reassemble using hot glue on each layer. you have removed the rivet to disassemble, so the hot glue is now going to hold the car together and secure the flash drive in the car.

Step 7:

When inserted into a computer the led on the flash drive will light up and be visible thru the windshield.

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