Introduction: Hot Wire Foam Cutter

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How To Make Your Own Hot Wire Cutter

Step 1: Materials Required

Household materials

1. Popsicle sticks

2. Old rectangular cardboard box

3. Old chopsticks

5. Spray Paint

6. Scissors

7. Ice pick

8. Super Glue

9. Zip ties (100 mm)


1. Led green 5mm

2. Resistor

3. Toggle Switch DPDT

4. Mini 2 Pin SPST Switch

5. Electrical tape

6. washers

7. USB Led light

8. Nichrome wire 32 AWG

9. Some wire

10. Aligator clips x3

11. Broken Phone charger

12. Broken car charger


1. Soldering iron

2. Dremel or a drill

Step 2: Design

Step 3: Making Support for Wire

The lower part

To make it simple I have used popsicle sticks and a chopstick to make the support system.

First I took 3 popsicle sticks and cut the curved top and bottom of all the 3 sticks, then marked the centre of 2 sticks and glued the 3rd stick on the line (as shown in the diagram ).

The upper part

For this again take 3 sticks but this time cut the curved top of only 2 sticks. Drill 2 holes at the top and bottom of the 3rd stick make the second hole a bit bigger, also cut a piece of the stick as shown in the image. Now glue the parts as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Attaching the Support to the Box

Glue the support to the box and then insert the chopstick through the big hole and into the box and then add glue to the chopstick inside the box so that the chopstick sticks to the box and then tighten it with a zip tie.

I have spray painted mine white colour .

Step 5: Adding the Electronics

Make a hole in the box and attach the nichrome wire with the help of washer. Then attach the nichrome wire with the toggle switch as follows

  • Pin 2

Nichrome wire

  • Pin 3

Usb red wire

  • Pin 5

Led +ve

  • Pin 6

Usb red wire

Also, attach a 68-ohm resistor to the -ve of led

Use the picture for reference

Now for the light, we will use the same battery source and a broken car charger and a SPST switch

Attach the led light as given in the picture

Step 6: TRY IT

Attach the usb to a power bank or your laptop and its ready for use. we can cut thermacol or styrofoam using it.

Let me know how you used it. Comments Below !

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