Hot Wire



Introduction: Hot Wire

Made this because this is cheap and good way, how to cut foam without annoying crumbs.

As a power used car battery but it's possible use ordinary batteries. I used car battery, because it has big capacity and it's powerful, but it is very big and heavy.

Step 1: Devise a Shape

First step was design the shape, then I draw it on piece of wood and cut out it with jigsaw.

I did it without some plans or drawings so it's little bit crooked.

Step 2: Cut Out

I used jigsaw for cut out, then grind edges with grinder.

Step 3: Grinding

After grinding.

Step 4: Sticks

Then I used drill and made two holes on top of handle and cut two pieces of wooden sticks, about 15cm and made little notch on end of both sticks.

Step 5: Add Wire

Now, after glued sticks into holes, we can add the wire, Simple make knot on end of wire and make it tight around stick in notch.

Step 6: Almost Done

Now you can use it. I connected it to battery from car, but there is too much amps and wire became red during few seconds so I had to disconnect it for few sec and again connect and this repeat in loop during cutting. If it was connected too long, the foam set fire and then wire too.

Because this disconnecting and connecting is bad solution, I added button for controlling.

Step 7: Add Button

Just add button on cable, the wire is connected to cord with "electrician connecting stuff" :D
The battery is connected with cord with clamps. I would be fine add some connector to cord to easier connecting to battery, but now I don't have any, maybe in future. :)

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