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Introduction: Hot Chocolate on a Stick :)

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One of the best hot chocolates is a homemade hot chocolate! 

Step 1: What You Will Need :

1. Ice cube tray 

2. Chocolate - (go quite rich) - white chocolate - belgium milk chocolate - belgium dark chocolate ... etc (personally i use belgium dark chocolate)

3. A mug :) (the bigger the better)

4. Hot milk (frothier the better)

5. Marshmallows make it taste great!

6. And if you want some cream then add it on the top !!

Step 2: First of All

First of all you need to get your chocolate on your stick. 

1. Melt your chosen chocolate and pour it into your ice cube tray. (do this for however many your making, you want one per person)

2. Push your cocktail stick into the chocolate.

3. Refrigerate it or if you want it made quicker freeze it until it has set.

Step 3: Next the Milk

Heat up your milk either in your microwave, oven or aga..... or if you have any other way of heating it!

Then pour it into your chosen mug.

Step 4: The Stir

Next comes the stir. you take your chocolate on a stick and turn it into hot chocolate on a stick.

Take your "chocolate on a stick" and stir thoroughly in the hot milk. When the whole block of chocolate has melted into the milk mix it until its nice and smooth. 

Step 5: Next Add in Your Extras

Finally take your marshmallows put them on a stick and swirl them around inside till melted then you have a layer or marshmallow = YUM!!  or just eat them while half melted and not liquid!!  And if you want you can add some cream and make it look nice and fancy!


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