Introduction: Hotrod Soapbox 'T' Bucket

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Just added the last photo taken by a friend at his studio just before it was sold at Bonhmas auction at Goodwood.

Another soapbox I'm afraid, not very imaginative.  It's far from finished and probably won't be for the closing date of the competition, my deadline is the last week in July but hey.  After the 2 '32 sedans and the '32 hiboy roadster I built I fancied doing a model 'T' as it was the ultimate hotrod when I was growing up (a loooong time ago).  To make it a bit more interesting I decided to add a wooden 'engine'.  This meant no room for my legs but as I'm 6 feet 9 inches I had to drive the others with my knees under my chin anyway.  Jobs still left to do include veneering the body with Mahogany, turning the beehive oil filter, making the distributor, upholstery, rear axle, brakes and steering. The latter will follow the real layout with drop link, bellcrank etc. as I won't be able to run the steering column through the engine.  I will try to update this up until the competition closes if that is within the rules.  Thanks for reading.  I just realised the attached photo is not the latest so will take another and add tomorrow. New photos now added

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